We offer Pole Dancing parties for women for any occasion as well as Private and Semi Private Pole, Chair and Erotic Dance lessons! Dealer of Professional X-Poles and X-Stages – buy local and purchase your X-Pole through Pole Obsession.  Fast delivery!
Now an Itac Pole Grip dealer as well!

Why try Pole Dancing?

Pole Dancing has hit a new popularity due to its extreme fun, ability to give you a great work out and best of all, that boost of self confidence that you will feel from the first time you grab that pole!
Pole dancing is a wonderful hobby, a fantastic form of exercise, a terrific thing to cross off your “bucket list” and an incredible way to learn to feel great about yourself.  Have a great time with your friends or learn to dance one on one!
Woman of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities have pole danced with us and we are proud to help them see their own beauty of movement.

Pole Dance for someone you love if you like, Pole Dance for fitness – but most of all, Pole Dance for YOU!!

How are Pole Obsession Parties Different?

Pole Obsession brings the party to you!!  We bring a completely stand alone x-Stage to your party (no ceiling required!) We bring all the music, the lights and the atmosphere!  You just need to bring your smiles and be ready to have a great time.  Also, we will take anywhere from 100 to 300 pictures of you and your friends!  These are then sent to each participant by a link via email for you to download to disk and print if you like, post to your Facebook page or share with friends.  These are 100% private and available ONLY to the ladies of the party.  And should you wish NOT to have your picture taken, that request is always honored!  We also LOVE to play dress up!!  While bootie, tight shorts and yoga style pants are best for learning in, slinkier clothes are fun for showing off and dancing in!  Feel free to bring and wear whatever YOU feel great in!!  Ever want to try Pole dancing in heels?? Feel free to bring your favorite pair to try the pole or just pose for some sexy pictures!

Pole Obsession is FULLY insured as a Pole Dancing Instructor and certified in Emergency CPR/First Aid.  Liability waivers are required to be signed prior to a party or lessons due to the nature of the sport.