1. Is there a deposit required?  Yes, a $50 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your date.
2. What is your cancellation policy?  If you need to change the date of your party, please be sure to give us as much notice as possible – 48 hrs is preferred – you may contact us by phone at 705-340-5716 or email michelle@poleobsession.ca .  Your deposit can be used towards a new date as long as it is booked within 4 weeks of the cancelled events date.
3. Can you do a party for more than 10 ladies?  Yes of course!!  There is an additional fee for each extra lady (please contact us for details as it depends on how many extra you want to have!)  Remember as well that once you get over that number you end up with less time on the pole per person BUT a lot of ladies can make for a really lively party!!
4. Can we do a Pole Party for longer than 2 hours?  Yes you can, please contact us as additional fees will apply.  This is usually a good idea to book if you want to have more than 10 ladies.
5. Is there any nudity?  No, Pole Parties are about fun, empowerment and confidence!!  We will show you how to strut your stuff in a fun, safe and tasteful way!
6. What if I have any health concerns?  If you have any health issues (back, knees etc) please tell us at the beginning of the party!  We will try our best to cater the moves you learn to your abilities and if you do not feel comfortable trying something – DON’T!  We want everyone feeling great about what they are doing and each person must be responsible to know their own limitations.
7. Are there any follow up classes available?  Think Pole Dancing is for you?  GREAT!!  We also offer Private and Semi-Private Lessons.  We can even come to you and you can learn in the comfort of your own home!  See Prices for details.
8. OK I’m hooked and I want a Pole…  Terrific!  Pole Obsession is a fully authorized X-Pole dealer.  Please talk to us or see our X-Pole page!  Fast delivery on most products!
9. How much notice do I need to book a party?  The sooner you know your date the better – we recommend a minimum of one week so you have time to send in your deposit check.
10. What address do I send my deposit?  Please send your deposit check to Box 4, Reaboro, ON K0L 2X0.  Please do NOT send cash in the mail – Pole Obsession is not responsible for checks lost in the mail. Or contact us for PayPal instructions.
11. I have questions that aren’t covered here – who do I contact?  Please feel free to call us at 705-340-5716 or email us at michelle@poleobsession.ca and we will be more than happy to answer your questions!