How are Pole Obsession Parties Different?

(this is important we thought we would say it again!)

Pole Obsession brings the party to you!!  We offer two poles – one that is a ceiling press fit (Professional X-Pole) and the other is a completely portable X-Stage!  No ceiling required!  This pole is great to host an outdoor party or – if room permits – a second pole for your party!  (Pole Obsession will be able to let you know if that will work for your party).
We bring all the music, the lights and the atmosphere!  You just need to bring your smiles and be ready to have a great time.  We provide the hostess with a CD of some of the nights amazing music – but what really sets us apart are the pictures!  We take anywhere from 100 to 300 pictures of you and your friends!  These are then sent to each participant by a link via email for you to download to disk and print if you like, post to your Facebook page or share with friends.  These are 100% private and available ONLY to the ladies of the party.  And should you wish NOT to have your picture taken, that request is always honored!
We also LOVE to play dress up!!  While bootie, tight shorts and yoga style parts are best for learning in, slinkier clothes are fun for showing off and dancing in.  Feel free to bring and wear whatever YOU feel great in!!  Ever want to try Pole dancing in heels??  We bring a nice little selection along for you to try on and dance in once you are comfortable on the pole or please feel free to bring your own!

What happens at a Pole Party?

Pole Obsession arrives about a 1/2hr to 45 minutes before the start of the Party for set up  – we will need an area large enough to set up either the X-Stage or the X-Pole ceiling mount – this is a temporary, professional pole that sets up in a relatively short amount of time.  Carpeted or hardwood floors are fine but we require a solid ceiling (no drop ceilings) to set up the pole.  We can accommodate any height ceiling as we have the option of the X-Stage as well.  If we have space for both Poles we will be able to let you know and you can decide if you think that will work for your party.
Once the Pole, music and lights are set up, we will do a round of introductions and the waivers will need to be signed by all participants.  Then we will do a warm up.  Often we will talk a little bit about pole dancing, why we do it and why we love it!!  This is also a great chance for you to cover any questions or concerns you might have.
Then we get started!  Every Party is different and we always try to go with the mood of the ladies – but we are always there to have a great time!  We will do some one on one instruction and give each participant to chance to strut their stuff!!  We will walk you through some of the basic moves, getting you into some nice turns, spins and climbs!  Ready to learn a routine and put it all together?  Show your friends what you can do – get dressed up, put on the heels and go for it!
Pole Party Tips!  
Let your guests know that they will be getting physical!  They should come dressed to dance – yoga pants, close fitting shorts, tank tops are great.  Please try to remove all rings as they can pinch your fingers (and scratch the pole!).  Be sure you do not have any lotions on your hands or skin.  If you are really feeling it, feel free to bring a sexy outfit to dance in!  Bootie or boyshorts, a halter top, lingerie, mini skirt… whatever makes you feel great!!  They are also welcome to bring their own shoes but we do request the shoes have a strap – we don’t want any shoes flying off!!
Be sure to have water and snacks (even just finger munchies) for your friends – hydration is VERY important!!
The most important thing is bring your Diva attitude and be ready to have FUN!!!!